Kohei Matsushita: "Scarlett" Hachiro plays a hot topic: Tsuyoshi Ayano x Gen Hoshino "MIU404…

The actor and singer/songwriter Kohei Matsushita, who became a hot topic after playing the protagonist Kimiko's husband, Soyoda Hachiro, played by Erika Toda in the NHK continuous television novel "Scarlett" that was broadcast until March this year. However, he will make a guest appearance on the second episode [July 3 broadcast] of the serial drama "MIU404 [Miu Yong Maru Young]" [TBS system, 10:00 pm on Friday] starring Tsuyoshi Ayano and Gen Hoshino. I understand the day. Shingo Tsurumi and Shoko Ikezu will also appear as guests.

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