Koichi Sato “Incredible Colors” Greatly Acclaimed Blackboard Art

Koichi Sato [59] Rina Maruyama [36] attended the blackboard art event for the movie "Fukushima @ 50 [Fukushima Fifty]" [directed by Setsuro Wakamatsu on March 6] in Tokyo.

The story of 50 workers who remained at the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station in the wake of the Great East Japan Earthquake. On this day, the blackboard art by Aizu Gakuho High School Art Club was shown.

On the blackboard, the double star Ken Watanabe and Sato's face, and the cherry blossoms of Tomioka-cho are drawn in chalk. Sato said, "How to use the color that I can't believe is chalk. It looks like an oil painting." Acclaim. Maruyama looked at Sato's face drawn on the blackboard and said, "I think it's more like Koichi Sato. I'll be surprised if she's so similar." Sato rushed, "It's not such a problem!" With a bitter smile.

Maruyama worked for the Fukushima Daiichi Nuclear Power Station during the “TEPCO Marize” era. Masaro Yoshida, the director who responded to the accident, was his boss. When asked about his memories, he said, "I had a lot of tea with Mr. Yoshida. When asked for his impressions of the movie, he revealed that tears had not stopped from the beginning. "It ended with almost no eyes open." Again, Sato pointed out, "Do you want to look?"

Sato has always said in a stage greeting, "I want to pass the baton to the next generation without ending with a negative legacy." I want that kind of era. "

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