Koji Kato "Why me" appointed as a wrestler CM

Koji Kato [50], a comedy combination paradise dragonfly, attended a “Sugoi” media presentation on April 4 in Tokyo.

Kato was appointed as a wrestler in the commercial character of "THE WiFi," a new service for mobile WiFi routers equipped with functions such as "unlimited data capacity" and "available in 132 countries overseas." "I wondered why I was. When I saw the storyboard, I was a sumo wrestler. I thought it was interesting and had an impact," she said.

In the CM, Kato, whose face is combined with the wrestler's body, performs with sticks and four legs and introduces five services. "I think it's easy because it's just a face, but the director and director were very particular about it, and it was hard because I was a little slippery, stepped on four legs, and did the same movement as a wrestler."

In addition, many corporate organizations are now introducing remote work outside the workplace, affected by the spread of the new coronavirus infection.

The event featured a remote work support project that offers up to two months of free service for corporations. Kato says, "I'm not part of Yoshimoto Kogyo, but it's a good way to cut costs as a company. By distributing it to employees, companies can do telework [work from home]."

"Although it is a difficult time, there are also things that are born because of the hardship. If" THE WiFi "can be used not only at this time but also in telework in the future, if you have children, single mothers, single fathers, co-workers, It will make life easier, and the number of people who can contribute to society will increase. That means that we will have two or three days off each week. "

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