“ Kokubata ice rum raisins '' tasting review with richness as if you are eating butter as a snack


“ Kokubata ice rum raisins '' tasting review with richness as if you are eating butter as a snack

Plenty of butter sauce with French fermented butter was added to the rum raisin ice cream.Kokubata Islamic raisinsHas been available at Lawson since Tuesday, May 19, 2020. Good compatibility of raisins and butterAlready proven with butter sandSo, "Isn't it not tasty …?" I bought it at a store and ate it.

Uchi Cafe Kokubata Islamic Raisin 100ml | Lawson Official Website

The package of "Kokubata Islamic Raisin" looks like this. "SakubataAndPuru shoeIt is a design that leads to.

The type is ice cream, which has a milk fat content of 13.4%, so a milk fat content of 15%Haagen-Dazs rum raisinsA little lower than Fermented butter was used at the beginning of the raw material name, followed by fermented butter (100% from France), sugar, rum raisins, skim milk powder, and it seems that butter accounts for a large proportion. ..

Calories are 235kcal per 100ml.

The alcohol content is 0.4%.

There was a cup like this in the bag.

Compared to the iPhone XS, it's about this size.

The height is like this.

I tried opening the lid. The surface of the ice cream is milky white.

There was a slightly lighter color on the edge. It seems that a slightly dark butter sauce covers the ice cream.

When I put in a spoon, there was no particular difference in the feel of the sauce, and I stabbed it with it.

First of all, when I tried to eat only where there was no rum raisins, the scent of milk like condensed milk spreads in my mouth for a moment, but the texture and saltiness of the sauce that comes immediately afterwards Butter ”. It has almost the same flavor as "fermented butter flavored ice cream", so if you like rich snacks, you'll love it.

The first bite did not contain raisins, but the raisins themselves were generous as a whole, albeit with a slight bias.

The rich buttery flavor feels better without raisins, but when raisins are added, the good aroma of sake drifts softly, and the concentrated sweetness of dried fruits is also very rich. The flavors of ice cream, butter sauce, and rum raisins are layered on top of each other, so it was a luxurious dessert that made you want to concentrate on your tongue and pursue the flavor until the very end.

KOKUBATA Islamic raisins are 268 yen including tax and are being offered at Lawson stores nationwide from Tuesday, May 19, 2020.

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