Kokushikan Takajudo Club / Director Iwabuchi “Poor Poor” Mental Concerns

Director Kouichi Iwabuchi [64] of Kokushikan, Tokyo, who aimed to win the second consecutive title in the judo men's group following the cancellation of the national high school general physical education competition [inter high], raised a sense of crisis on the 26th. Last year, he won three national championships, the Golden Eagle flag, and high school overall. After showing an understanding of the spread of new coronavirus infection, Mr. Iwabuchi said, "I'm really sorry because the place where the players' strengths are exerted disappears. I'm worried that I may lose my goal and motivate me to compete." I was concerned about the impact.

Practice at the school has been suspended since mid-March. The dormitory students will also return home, and will work hard on their own. The emergency declaration may be extended after May 7, and there is no prospect of resuming practice. "I say to players that they don't rot, but it's hard to say so. Especially, the third year students are involved in the careers of college and so on, and they have a great influence on their future life. I want to give hope somewhere. ".

As a breakthrough, he proposed to hold "competition tournaments by competition" after autumn, assuming that the new coronavirus infection will be resolved early. "Not only judo but other competitions are the same. Corona problems are not bad for anyone," he said, "There are problems with schedule, budget, venue, etc., but there is only early convergence to realize alternative competitions. Now I just have to put up with it. "

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