Komatsu’s resources (6) replacement demand is a prediction?

■Replacement demand is a prediction?

Komatsu factory, development of a smart(visualization)to achieve”KOM-MICS”for the construction of seems. Komatsu’s”KOMTRAX”is famous, This is the world are sold to spread the vehicle 1 units and GPS and the Internet connecting,to grasp the state of plant, visualization of and direct one is not.

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But this was not the story in the future, the system by connecting sales data and the direction of. Sales and production of separation, and see how the production system as an unnatural thing. Time to go,”materials for purchase”from the”user only if”, but Hey, stuff happened. In, Komatsu is going to do.

Perhaps, purchase date,maintenance information,moving information, such as from construction equipment (goods) and replacement demand forecast and intelligence, but the AI is to gather regional information on the net such as contain, the market forecast is possible to calculate the network and that would be difficult. No, it’s in my world.

These”from the 4. 0(4th Industrial Revolution)”are required to realize the system. Komatsu, the”KOMTRAX””KOM-MICS”such as the integration of the Internet, big data and the fusion of the proceeding would.

■Leveling by reducing fixed costs

According to the announcement, the Komatsu is a global production strategy as”leveling”to promote the direction of seem. As no surprise, however, as a prerequisite, the world production base of”quality leveling”next to it,each country is different from that it is not an easy thing. Mazda is working to”leveling by reducing fixed costs”, and this from the margin of the source of that. Increase or decrease in demand also strong in Constitution building and what’s not.

Komatsu’s financial statements and,in 2019 3 Months Ended Consolidated sales of 2 trillion 7252 billion yen,operating income 3978 billion yen. Sales by region Japan 13%,North America 25%,Asia (China excluded) 14%,Latin America 13%. Production ratio in Japan is 40 percent. Japan sales ratio at 13%,the production ratio in the 40%that is,as the goal is”selling in the region of production”is different. However, the world production of”capacity according to the number of production leveling”and”local production for local consumption”is not.

This is still the capacity to sell high according to the adjustment of production capacity it too much. The “export”product to a lot of”local production and local sales”than at the time of a”time out”with that. This is the problem with your”improvement challenge”factor in you can do it.

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