Komeda “ Ogura Noir '' that fills everything with strawberry and bean paste and soft cream / Return of soft cream and good B class sweets feeling

Of course,Chocolate roll is similar to NaniSo it was very popular on some SNSCollaboration between Komeda and Godiva. It seems that it has begun to finish as originally planned [depending on the store].

After the chocolate, the usual Komeda soft serve came back. And it's a 100% comeda-like Shironoir. With the return of the soft serve, it will be a reprint since November 2017 “Ogura NoirWas launched on February 20, 2020. So I ate it right away!

・ Komeda is back

Godiva collaboration was a Komeda style with the appearance of a brain that was always somewhat apparent, but the chocolate taste was Godiva. Personally, it was very good, but for the ice cream savvy, it would have been a painful parting day.

"Ogura Noir" with soft ice cream for the first time in about 2 weeksNormal is 750 yen to 770 yen. The mini size is 550 yen to 570 yen.Prices and availability are different at each store.

The first thing you can see in the appearance is a sparkling pure white ice cream. This is still on Danish. And strawberry sauce and soft strawberry sprinkled with excitement. It's flashy.

・ A lot of anko

When I open Danish, it's still filled with guts and anko.Put a large amount of another sweet and delicious thing in a sweet and delicious thingIt is a cerebral muscle style of security.

The fascinating chemical reaction where the melting strawberry sauce and soft serve soak into the danish and mix together.

In addition, the strawberry on the top is like a jam, and it's toro.

You might imagine the soft-sweet feeling of soft stuffed ice cream with strawberry sauce, but this is a good condition. Because the softness of an ice cream and anko alone is modest,It feels just right when all together.

In Komeda's Shilo Noir, the fact that this balance is sometimes broken is sometimes too sweet. However, this time "Ogura Noir" will be safe to order normal size with confidence.

According to the official website, sales are scheduled until late March. If you're a rice danist who wants soft ice cream with chocolate, pick up the soft ice cream celebration at "Ogura Noir".

Source:Komeda's Coffee

Report:Egawa supplies

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