Komuro Sayaka Appears in Bold Mini Dress "Photo Book Works 120 Points"

The commemorative event of Komuro Sayaka's 1st photo book “Beautiful Fuurumi wa Singing Smile Dance” [Fusosha] was held at a bookstore in Tokyo on Saturday, March 15, and attended a press conference before the event.

Since his gravure debut in 2018, Sayaka Komuro has been attracting the attention of her fascinating body for her sexy and cute appearance. The 1st photo album released this time is also a hot topic because actor Lily Franky named the title. [The cut of the photo book isHereFrom]

Komuro, who appeared in a bold one-piece dress with the decollete exposed, said about the 1st photo book, "I still haven't really felt it. But yesterday, I saw it lined up at a bookstore, and it gradually came to my mind. With a smile.

Regarding the title, "I'm still incredible and grateful that Lily, who watches in dramas and movies, was given the title. It's full of gratitude. That's the happy part of having the title of me look at my fundamental content, "he said.

This time it was all Taiwan location, but about the impressive shooting, "I think the cut of the food was really good. I chose a scene where I was eating fruit in a swimsuit for my favorite cut. "It's a Taiwanese fruit, but it was very impressive. That's it. " When a question was asked by a reporter, "What kind of fruit?"

Regarding the work of the photo album, "I've been really longing to publish my own book since I started gravure. During the gravure, there was a dream that I wanted to make a vague photo book. That dream came true So 120 points out of 100! I don't think there is anything better than that. It's my culmination so far! "

When we talked about Valentine's Day yesterday, we gathered, "I made it every year, but I didn't make it this year. I wish I had handed it out to everyone today. Sorry I didn't have anything [laughs]!" We apologized to the media and ended the conference in a warm atmosphere.

さ Sayaka Komuro's 1st photo book “Beautiful swelling is singing and smiling and dancing” [Fusosha]Release date: February 14 [Fri]Price: 3,000 yen [excluding tax]Photo: Akihito Saijo

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