KONAMI releases the latest baseball game series "eBASEBALL powerful professional baseball 2020"

Konami Digital Entertainment is a baseball gameeBASEBALL Powerful Professional Baseball 2020Was released on July 9th. Compatible models are Nintendo Switch and PlayStation 4. The regular version [packaged version, download version] is 6980 yen [tax excluded] for Nintendo Switch, 7980 yen [tax excluded] for PS4. The powerful edition [download exclusive] is 8980 yen [excluding tax] for Nintendo Switch, 9980 yen [excluding tax] for PS4.

This product is the latest in the "Jikkyou Powerful Professional Baseball" [Power Pro] series. "Tournament", "Power Arena", "Tokyo 2020 Olympics" using the official license of Tokyo 2020 Olympics are added as new modes. With the latest 2020 season player data, not only during the season, but also during the 2021 season, the player's ability is updated, and the latest professional baseball player data is said to be enjoyable for a long time.

"Tokyo 2020 Olympics" [screen PS4 version]

"Tokyo 2020 Olympics" [screen PS4 version]

In the popular "Success" mode, the standard characters, Akio Yabe [CV: Ikue Otani] and Dr. Dyjove [CV: Keno Horiuchi], are equipped with character voices for the first time. It has also been decided to use it as a competition title for the 2020 season of the "eBASEBALL Pro League" professional baseball esports league co-sponsored by the Japan Baseball Organization [NPB].

"Success" [screen is PS4 version]

"Success" [screen is PS4 version]

TM IOC/TOKYO2020/USOC 36USC220506. [C] 2020 IOC. All Rights Reserved.
Approved by the Japan Baseball Organization [C] 2019 SAMURAI JAPAN Officially recognized by Japan Professional Baseball Baseball Association Officially certified by Japan Professional Baseball OB Club Officially authorized by Professional Baseball Franchise Baseball data provided by Kyodo Digital
[C] Konami Digital Entertainment

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