Konica Minolta, 14 years to the deficit slipped to the investment decisions?

■Konica Minolta, 14 years of deficit slipped to

Konica Minolta Holdings, Inc., December, 12, 2020 years and 3 months period [to 2019 4 January 1, 2020 Year 3 on 31 days] of the consolidated final income of 35 billion yen deficit is expected to be announced. The initial forecast a 75 billion yen profit that was scheduled. Consolidated final profit and loss deficit of fall, with a year-end dividend of 15 yen from 10 yen to maintain. Management of Executive compensation is also part of the return was to be.

【Here】Konica Minolta, digital value added by the improvement in operating income of ¥ 100.0 billion goal

Konica Minolta is the final deficit to fall to 14 years. The new coronavirus infection of the expanding office equipment mainly sales decline, or telecommuting by the expansion of print demand is reduced as market conditions continue to be severe is expected.

■A contract can be”installed”first! Customer visit limits performance to a greater impact

Concept of the 2020 3-month period and the sales forecast 9950 billion yen. For the previous year and 6% expected to see. In this, corona virus due to the influence of the decreased amount of 230 billion yen as that. Or operating income of 80 billion yen, the plan by 120 billion yen downside to. Its in the new corona virus due to the influence of the 110 billion yen of this.

Button like multifunction printers manufacturers, 3 on is Braun’s greatest chance. 3 on most multifunction printers is sold on, the customer company for 3 month financial results, and the”budget to use for the MFP to get the”that certain the demand is there….

But 3 months later,prevent the spread of infection and for customer visits, limited financial results before the end of the sales pitch you just did. Or take the contract for MFP installation is delayed by record sales cannot be the case even more so.

■In 2021 3 months ended tough forecast for tenants is strong

Telecommuting by the expansion of print demand is expected to continue, or customer visits such as net cash from operating activities this is the limit from the 1st quarter,the 2nd quarter is a tough performance that is expected.

While share prices will continue to is expected,13 the current dividend yield is over 6%, and PER [Price Earnings ratio]is 4. 52 times,PBR[price / book value ratio-PBR]is 0. 34 times as also,tenants have to is definitely. Decision is incorporated in equipment, and emergency Declaration after the termination of the stock aspect of the backlash is enough would.

Immediate cash on hand to thicken and liquidity to ensure that would. 3 at the end of the month about 900 billion was cash and deposits, in addition to the 4 on the financial institution from 850 billion yen to Finance an additional loan facility provided that. These funds raised to just how much investment to use, the Konica Minolta surfacing and going.

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