Konjac potato is Alzheimer’s disease prevention to effective graduate research

Hokkaido University is 10, the konjac potato from the purified ceramides of Alzheimer’s disease is effective in preventing that announced the discovery. In a mouse model for ceramide administering in Alzheimer’s disease, is a key factor in the body compound”peptide”is reduced, it was confirmed that that.

【Here】Polyphenol intake of Alzheimer’s prevention leading to elucidation of the mechanism the University of Tokyo from

■Dementia, which is one of Alzheimer’s disease

Alzheimer’s Disease,old age dementia and one of the only. Nerve cells in the brain gradually decline, dementia caused.

Alzheimer’s disease the onset of the main factors has been,”amyloid beta peptide”called a peptide. A plurality of the amino acid chain of that peptide hormone action and antibacterial action and a variety of physiological activity having a function.

Amyloid beta peptide accumulation is Alzheimer’s disease leads to the development that controls the amount of possible Alzheimer’s disease treatment and Prevention assumed valid.

■Skin also, the effect of ceramide is Alzheimer’s disease prevention to help

Hokkaido University of research groups paid attention to, the konjac potato from the purified”glucosyl ceramide”called ceramide was.

Ceramide is a lipid component in one of the skin’s barrier function and moisture retention plays a role in that. Therefore functional foods as a material,skin for the purpose of supplements and beverages formulated.

The research group,the peptide in the brain be overexpressed in a mouse model experiment. Plant ceramides 1 Day, 1 mg 2 weeks oral administration and continue to observe as a result of the cerebral cortex and hippocampus regions in the peptide concentration of the drops was confirmed. For behavioral experiments were carried out where short-term memory improvement was also confirmed as.

Cells from the A”method called”granular substance is being secreted. The research group,the nerve cells to be released from the exosomes, the peptide, removal of the ability that had revealed. This time, the method of production and increase plant ceramide, the effect of mouse model experiments verified.

The results of this research by the functional food material and the drug may lead to the development of a research group is excited about. In the future, humans by plant based ceramide of cognitive improvement to verify the effectiveness of the implementation will be.

Details of the study in the online journal Scientific Reports on 11 on 15 October published on. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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