Korean economic analysis vol. 2 China’s share in Japan is comparable to【record global economic・financial scenario analysis meeting

*16:46JST of Korean economic analysis vol. 2 China’s share in Japan is comparable to【record global economic・financial scenario analysis meeting
【Office the global economic・financial scenario of the conference]is a record・economist,strategist,analyst and Group executives of the world economic situation and financial market discussions weekly regular in going to a conference………… and The main shareholders share of Representatives Shirai Mr. including from the outside, many professionals are also invited to. It’s the Office of a member of the Board of analysts of Nakamura 孝也, ice of President Nakagawa 博貴 The Content body. 2016 Year 6 months held and the future of the Chinese economy,the Korean Peninsula crisis, the Fourth Industrial Revolution after the Japanese economy analysis,virtual currency and economy of digital capitalism,US-China Cold War, such as the analysis and discussion to have.

◇The following are the office the global economic・financial scenario analysis discussed at the meeting was that the FISCO supervision of the investment magazine”FISCO shares・Corporate Report Vol. 8−”anti-Japanese”is to intensify South Korea’s”now”and”next” 4 scenarios”[9 May 26 release]of the special issue”South Korea’s”economic”analysis”is for some of you. All 4 times to be delivered.

The biggest trade partner・of China’s economic downturn is clearly in South Korea’s economic growth when the brakes are from. Korea’s trade dependence is high, China’s”Manufacturing 2025″in earning power is weakening and may. 惰弱 resistance to surface it in 1997 during the IMF crisis such as currency crisis, concern that. Of the Korean economy“or”to analyze.

■China’s share of U.S. rival of Korean companies in Japan away also proceed

China’s country-specific trade trends in 2013 and in 2017, the import and export of the country is top one in China was. Of the exporting country, as China’s share is declining, the value of imports significantly increase, and China is increasing its presence in.

On the other hand, Japan is a country where the volume of transactions increase but also China in contrast to the import-export and also to keep fading, and the presence is thinner. Import and export of the country from the vicissitudes of China’s growth keep pace with,South Korea has a high growth enjoyed this look.

South Korea and Japan to the economic dependence on the relative decline trend. Japan’s surplus in a trend that will continue [Japan is an important part of the supply line] and Japan-Korea total trade leg and a contraction in trade, the amount of materials and parts of Korea to Japan imports a lot not. Domestically the progress of Korean companies in Japan away now at would.

The economic of Japan and the U.S. the presence of drops, later the security to cast a shadow and can. Economic relations and the deepening of the Chinese to stop or the United States of China’s national health insurance protection principle heat is high, China’s high dependence on the South Korean economy is Heels. On the other hand, America to stop China by a Sino-Korean FTA review in addition to land Economics physical retaliation is expected, here also I can not do.

That China’s economic growth,this rapid growth from a sustainable medium-and high-速成 long AIM new phase, the so-called”new normal[new normal]”the transition to. And the economic growth rate is reduced tend to Trump the President caused the Sino-US trade friction of the impact is larger in 2019, 3 in January, held the 13th National People’s Congress and Premier Li Keqiang,in 2019 real GDP growth target of conventional”6.5 percent”from the”6.0% ~ 6.5%”to 2 years, lowered. Trade accounted for China proportion of the height to the view, if Korea’s growth is also depressed and is not expected.

In addition, China’s by 2025,”the world’s manufacturing power join the ranks of the”aim for each item to domestic ratio for the goal you have set. For example, the industrial robot is”own brand market share”and in 2025 70%,next-generation telecommunications standards”5G”key to the mobile communication system facilities is 25 years in the Chinese market 80%,the world market is 40% and the goal you have set.

Technology advancement by the Chinese within their own country internalize that progress is sure,from Korea, Japanese companies away, as was the Chinese but also Korean companies away to the same way as expected. If that happens, Japan and China in the interval,the Korean company is in an uncomfortable position to be put to.

[Based on a~”the Korean economic analysis vol. 3 modulation at the time of the foreign currency to the level of anxiety【office the global economic・financial scenario analysis meeting”~]

Share representative Shirai, Kazunari
Ice Data representative Nakagawa 博貴
Record Director Nakamura 孝也

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