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Kose renews sunscreen for “Snow skin spirit”-prevents dryness and rough skin

Kose will renew its sunscreen for the global cosmetics brand “Yukiseki” and launch new products and limited edition products from February 16, 2020, mainly at mass retailers and drug stores nationwide. Also, from March 1, 2020, sales will start mainly in Asia.

  • Snow skin spirit sunscreen renewed

    Snow skin spirit sunscreen renewed

It is said that the sunscreen of “Yukiseki” is well-balanced with Japanese and Chinese botanical extracts that provide moisture, and has gained support for its high skincare effect and ease of use unique to skincare brands.

In this renewal, we focused on the high need for “no dry skin” and “no dry skin” for sunscreen, and “dry protect prescription” to prevent dry, rough skin, spots and other skin damage. Was adopted for all items.

It not only protects the skin from ultraviolet rays, but also keeps the skin moist throughout the wear and realizes a feeling of dryness. A high level of serum containing barley fermented extract is used, and use tests and allergy tests are also performed by dry skin people. It also has a function to block harmful fine particles in the atmosphere.

  • From left: “Skincare UV Milk” “Skincare UV Gel” “Skincare UV Tone Up” “Skincare UV Stick” “Skincare UV Gel Kit”

The main item, "Skincare UV Gel", is a sunscreen with a fresh touch like lotion that contains 80% of a serum containing barley fermented extract while maintaining the highest UV cut index (SPF50 + / PA ++++) in Japan. Gel. It is said that it can be used comfortably like daily skin care such as commuting, shopping, leisure, indoors.

“Skincare UV Milk” contains 70% of serum that contains fermented barley extract. Milk-like milky sunscreen milk with a mild touch like milk. It is a waterproof type that can be used in the sea, mountains, outdoor, leisure, sports and other scenes.

"Skincare UV Tone Up" is a lavender-colored sunscreen serum for the face, which not only protects against UV rays but also brightens skin. It is a UV-free, non-chemical formula.

Limited edition products include a stick-type sunscreen “Skincare UV Stick” and “Skincare UV Milk” and “Skincare UV Gel”. Kita will also be released.

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