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Kose revamps “Prestigious”, the highest line of “Infinity”

Kose has recently renewed "Prestigious", which is positioned as the highest peak line of the high-prestige brand "Infinity" bearing the company name "KOSÉ", for the first time in 10 years. On October 16, 4 new products and 6 types will be sold at some mass retailers and drug stores.

  • Infinity Prestige's brand muse Mari Natsuki

Infiniti is a comprehensive cosmetic brand with the philosophy of "Waking up the infinite beauty of your skin." In November 2002, it debuted as a skin care brand focusing on the dryness of adult skin. Overseas, it operates in China, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Malaysia, Thailand, Vietnam, Cambodia and Myanmar (as of August 2020).

Since its launch in 2010, Prestiges has been garnering the support of customers who demand high functionality and high added value as an aging care line that focuses on "face changes" due to aging.

From September 2019, Ms. Mari Natsuki and Anne Nakamura will be appointed as brand muses. The message of positive aging that beautifully sees aging positively and live in agelessness has been sent.

Ms. Mari Natsuki appeared at the presentation about the line renewal held on August 4. "I've always wanted to live cool in Ageless, and I sympathize with the idea of ​​Infiniti. Beauty doesn't end in a day. As I grow older, I do more work, but my body is honest. But if you do it, it will definitely have an effect."

  • "I want to live in ageless fashion," says Mari Natsuki.

What Natsuki-san says is "I finally met you" is the new cleansing balm (makeup remover). “After using it, my skin feels plump. It's a time when daily cleansing is blissful. I want to make it zero every day and welcome the next day. Therefore, priority is cleansing. As you get older, you accumulate various things. Especially cleansing takes time," he praised.

Itsuki Miyaji, Product Manager, Consumer Brands Division, said, “The most difficult product among the four products was the cleansing balm, which is the main item of the new Prestiges. It was made with the concept of removing makeup with beauty oil. It is the ultimate cleansing balm, when it touches the skin, it feels like the best melt, and it turns into beauty oil, and after washing it, it's almost like an oil massage."

  • Reborn "Infinity Prestigious"

In this renewal, by pursuing a "three-dimensional effect" even more, we aim for "skin that radiates a sense of life" that is firm and firm. The lineup includes "makeup remover", "facial cleanser", "lotion" and "milky lotion". Carefully selected beauty ingredients and combined "Hana ginger extract" and "Tachi mukou extract" (moisturizing) as common ingredients. The original "SMAS (Skin Moisture Activation System) R build technology" leads to radiant and radiant skin. "Energized floral" scent.

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