Kostulnaya's first European queen and three Russian daughters podium

The three-year-old Russian three-year-old, who occupied the podium in this season's Grand Prix final, competed for the first European Queen.

Short program [SP] leader Aryona Kostulnaya [16] scored 155.89 points for second place in the free run, for the first time with a total of 240.81 points. Maintained the international tournament unbeaten this season.

At the beginning of the race, Fry succeeded with a triple axel [three-and-a-half jump] with a two-turn toe loop. I also decided on the second and third half rotations. However, in the latter half of the acting, he fell in grief at the triple rotation Lutz. Although four-turn jumps were not included, four out of five performance points scored in the 9-point range [out of 10]. He kept his top position and showed a relieved expression.

Anna Shelvacova [15], who won the Russian championship in December 2007 in SP2 position, scored 159.81 points in free standings, and finished second with a total of 237.76 points. We competed with four programs of two types of three revolutions. If the 4-rotation Lutz-3 rotation toe loop succeeds at the beginning, the subsequent 4-rotation flip will also land while judging insufficient rotation. The four-turn Lutz in the middle fell, but showed off the perfection while changing his costume from blue to red during the performance. After the performance, he smiled with a little regret.

Alexandra Tolsoi [15], third in SP3, is third with a total of 225.34 points, including 150 and 39 free points. Again, we tried a program of 4 revs, 2 types, 3 laps, but fell at the beginning of the 4 revs Lutz, the 4 rev toe loop in the latter half of the acting when the basic point was 1.1 times. "Kiss and Cry," waiting for the scoring announcement, nodded to accept the results.

Russia's fullness shines on the podium for the World Championships [Montreal, Canada] in March.

The main international tournament results of the three players this season are as follows.

◆ Kostulnaya won GP France Cup and NHK Cup. GP final champion. European championship champion.

◆ Shel Bakova ◆ GP Skate America, GP China Cup champion. 2nd in GP Final. Second place in the European Championships.

◆ Torsois ◆ GP Skate Canada, Russia Cup champion. 3rd in GP Final. 3rd in European Championship.

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