Kosuke Hagino's first child is born.

In 2004, the 400-metre individual medley gold medal Kosuke Hagino [25 = Bridgestone] of the Rio de Janeiro Olympics Men revealed that the first child was born.

On the 2nd, we practiced for the first time in the Olympics at Toyo University in Tokyo. After signing a marriage with singer / songwriter miwa [29] last year, she said, "I think I need to do my best to be born safely before 2020. I have a feeling that I can work harder. "

We practice full-scale reinforcement from December 26 last year. "I am sick and injured, and I am calm and working on my form," she said. Coach Hirai also expected, "I felt like last year I could enter the Olympics. Now I can see a little gold medal. I guess it's possible to reach the summer. I think my childhood has changed my awareness." .

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