Kosuke Kitajima “ I was super comfortable '' Boil the venue with a quote

Kosuke Kitajima [37], two consecutive men's two-time Olympics champion, participated in a Coca-Cola torch relay event on the 12th.

The company has been involved in the Olympics since the 1928 Stockholm Games, and has unveiled four special vehicles with public torch runners and torch relays. Rickshaw-like vehicles and large vehicles modified from 10-ton trucks were lined up at the event venue. Mr. Kitajima said, "I thought it was almost time for the torch relay. I want to make the Olympics exciting together."

Kitajima won four gold medals. He was also a torch runner in Korea at the 2018 Pyeongchang Olympics. "I was just swimming when I was active. The Olympics left many results that pleased me. The venue was heated.

Fumihiko Yazaki, a 99-year-old resident of Tokyo, was also selected as a general runner. It is said that the 1964 Tokyo Olympics produced a marathon course fence. In this tournament, the ticket for the opening ceremony on July 24 was missed by lottery at the Tokyo Olympics for the second time in his life, but he became the company's torch runner. I am grateful. " A 99-year-old born December 20, 1920 [large 9] said, "I'm always up at 6:30 am and doing radio exercises. I'm still on my bike. I'm going to run 200 meters [allocation]. I will do as much as I can. "

Mr. Kitajima admired, "I wonder if I have the second Tokyo Olympics in my life. It's really amazing." At the event, I handed a torch to Mr. Yazaki.

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