Kotaro Koizumi's "My uncle" co-star also celebrates the birth of a nephew

Kotaro Koizumi [41] attended an interview on the 17th in Tokyo, starring the TV Tokyo drama "How to Cure the Hospital-Dr. Arihara's Challenge" [starting on the 20th, Monday at 10:00 pm].

The story of a doctor struggling to rebuild a hospital on the verge of bankruptcy is based on a true story.

Early in the morning, the first boy was born between his brother Shinjiro Koizumi [36] and free announcer Christel Takizawa [42]. When Koizumi finished his report, the meeting was wrapped in a festive mood, and co-star Masanobu Takashima [53] stated, "If you meet someone who was born someday," When you were born, I was with my uncle. Was doing such a great drama. "Congratulations." Miyoko Asada [63] celebrated with a smile, saying, "I wish I could be born at Arihara Hospital [the stage of the drama]!"

This work has the aspect of a management drama that depicts hospital reconstruction in the medical genre. Koizumi, who struggled with the enormous amount of dialogue, laughed, "Oh, it was tight." Manami Konishi [41] The scene with his wife playing seemed to be a moment of breath, and Konishi revealed that Koizumi said, "I was lucky because I did not need to talk, or healed me." Also, as I said earlier, "I will live passionately even as an uncle," I'll support him with his uncle Kotaro! It's a support mood anyway. " "Thank you," she shook her head.

In a drama, Koizumi plays a hot-blooded doctor with the nickname of "Runaway Express", so what if I wanted to add a catchphrase to myself? There was a scene where I was asked. Looking back at the moment when his child was born, Takashima said, "I had a mysterious feeling that I had to protect it. I had a human heart. I finally felt like a human." Has become my catchphrase. After hearing this, Koizumi piggybacked, "I'm my uncle."

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