Kubota & Nikaido "Ale" episode 9 rebroadcast 14.4%

On the 9th, the average audience rating of the 9th rebroadcast on the 8th of the NHK TV novel "Ale" [Monday to Saturday, 8am] was 14.4% [Kanto area]. I found out by research.

"Ale" will stop shooting from April 1st. The review was temporarily suspended on June 27, and rebroadcast from the first episode on and after the 29th. The recording was resumed on the same 16th, but the station said, "When making a decision, we will inform you again when the broadcast is restarted. The highest rating so far is 22.1% in the 37th episode.

Starring Masataka Kubota and Fumi Nikaido on the heroine. The story lived with music, modeled after the composer Yuuji Koseki and his wife who worked on many famous songs known for high school baseball's "The crown shines on you" and the Hanshin Tigers support song "Rokko Oroshi". The story of the couple.

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