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A new sweets item that Lawson Bakery is likely to receive! I will try this sweet which is absolutely delicious with fluffy cream inside! ‥

It looks cute! What is Kugulov in the first place? ――

I bought it immediately! It's sweet with a round and fluffy look.

I didn't know the word Kugulov, so I looked into it and found it was a traditional sweet from Austria, Germany and Alsace in France! The cute shape like a crown is a trademark, and he liked that Marie Antoinette as well. Kugrov, which has been commercialized in Japan in recent years, is right now! ‥

The dough is fluffy and mochi-mochi! ‥

The sweets with a beautiful burning color and cute look like a crown are really Instagram-worthy. There is cream inside and it seems sweet, so I decided to have it as a sweet after lunch.

When you put it on a plate, it looks like it's bought at a cake shop ♪

Then bite … puck! Oh ~ the fluffy texture is a dream …! The dough is lighter than pound cake, but it is fluffy and has a rich texture.

Cream is doing a good job! Satisfaction like pancakes.

The secret of the deliciousness is the milk cream inside. Look at this cream with a lot of it! Firmly inserted to the edges without stinging. The cream inside is fluffy and whipped with a light texture, so it goes well with the Kugulov dough.

Kugurov's dough has elasticity like a fluffy buttery steamed cake, and its moderate sweetness is just right! I felt as if I was eating pancakes at a cafe, and I thought that this was 140 yen including tax, which is too cheap! ‥

Come with tea time ♪

Recently, I have been increasing the amount of work I do at home, so I think everyone is thinking about how to improve their home time.

In such a case, this product, which offers a luxurious cafe atmosphere at a low price, is highly recommended. If you use only Kugulov, you will be thirsty, so please eat with your favorite drink ♪

The author liked this shape and taste so much that I would buy it again when the product was put on the ice cream pan in this shape (laughs). Lawson, please! ‥

If you get tired from work, let's replenish sweet things ♪

Everyday work, these days I'm tired of changing circumstances. Please eat Lawson's Kugulov milk and take a break. The texture of this mochi-mochi chiffon cake is really soothing.

If you like Kugulov all over Japan, why not enjoy this fluffy texture?

It was a real repo of "Fukafumocchi no Kugurofu Milk" newly released by Lawson! Volume and satisfaction at a low price. Please check it out!
Store: Lawson
Menu: fluffy mochi kugurof milk
Price: 140 yen (tax included)
Official site:Soft and fluffy Kugurofu milk

(Sentence / Photograph ☆ IZUMINT ☆)

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