Kumamushi Sato pleads for a beautiful model with "vertical reading"

A comedy combination, Kumamushi's Daiki Sato [31], begged for a reunion with a "vertical reading" message to Dekouto Miri [25], a model that was found to have been dating once.

Dekouto appeared on the 4th Nippon Television series "Dance! Sanma Goten !!" He confessed that he had been dating with Sato and revealed that he had broken up about two weeks ago, which drove the studio.

Dekouto grew up in a wealthy parent's house, where she could get 1 million yen in cash for new years. He said that he paid his own rent and living expenses. He said, "It was very interesting. I'll give you unknown answers. People without money will be wild. Take me to a place I've never been to. "I'm going to walk on a date" or something like that, but I said, "I have a viral wart on my soles and I don't want to walk my house barefoot." Also revealed.

During program broadcast, Sato updates Twitter. While uploading a picture of the ema wishing that "Ibo will be cured," he added, "If you look closely, you will see Miri-chan in Sanma Goten! Did you disagree ?. I lost and noticed. But really congratulations! ”

When this tweet was read vertically at the beginning of each sentence, it became "return", and fans who noticed it also sent a message saying, "I want to regain it!

In addition, Dekouto revealed in the program, "My parents are divorced today, and my dekouto with my real name will be the last today. It will be Kato", and surprised the co-stars.

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