Kuniko Yamada “I want to see you,” Masahiro Nakai expects to enter a giant

Talent Kuniko Yamada [59] announced that he would leave the Johnny's office in March and expects Masahiro Nakai [47] to join the professional baseball giant. Told.

Yamada posted a video on his official YouTube channel on the 21st, mentioning Nakai, who held a conference on the same day. He talked about his memories of performing with SMAP just before his debut.

He left his office in June last year, but when he left Nakai, he said, "This is the modern way. If I had left the Johnny's office before, I felt like I was ending the world." There was, "he said.

Nakai, who is known as a giant fan, was at a press conference. “ I don't know if people in professional baseball are saying that I'm sick, but I don't know what the coach is, but Nakai-kun wants to make Nakai-kun once, something of the Giants. I really love the Giants. I'm a Giants fan, but when I listen to them, I'll explain and say, "Oh!

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