Kura sushi lunch (¥ 550 ~) is good! It would be better if you could do that!

It's nothing new for a conveyor belt sushi restaurant to sell non-sushi Nani. Noodles are a standard staple, and some shops have potatoes and hamburgers on the menu. There is a conveyor belt sushi and a sign, but it's no longer like “everything is good”.

Such a thing, I will not surprise you now, so let me tell you quickly.Kura Sushi started lunch only on weekdays.There are several types, and you can eat seafood bowl and tempura bowl set from 550 yen. This is good, but I am sorry that I can not do that. I like that …

·I'm full

As mentioned above, “Kura Sushi” is a weekdayLimited from opening to 5pmI started lunch. Lunch with conveyor belt sushi is rare. There are six types of line-ups that you may be interested in: seasonal seafood bowl, seasonal tempura bowl, beef ribbed rice bowl [550 yen each], special soup bowl, special rice ball [770 yen each], and special una bowl [1100 yen] .

In addition, they come with “special chawanmushi” or “reddish with Aosa”. The rice bowl is full of rice, and it is clear that the ingredients are also cheaper than the regular menu items. The reporter ordered “seasonal seafood bowl”, but salmon, sea urchin and tuna were on board.

The taste is worrisome, but of course the fish are horses without any further explanation. The bowl looked small, so I thought I'd have some sushi after eating. But when I flattened, I was so full that I couldn't do that. Um, indeed, there is only lunch!

・ I want to do Bikkurapon

I'm very happy, but personally I've noticed one thing. that is,Inability to turn "550 yen" "Bikkurapon".It is no exaggeration to say that one of the pleasures of going to Kura Sushi is Speaking of Bikkupong.

Just to make sure, a bikappon is like a gachapon that can be pulled once with five sushi plates. The reporter even wanted to go to Kura sushi because of his desire for a prize. I know that basically, other than sushi, you will not be given the right to participate.

I know, but I want to do it!I want to do it!And yet [March 26, 2020], it was a chance to win Detective Conan goods … Well, the lunch itself is a great deal, so I want to keep using it in the future.

I want to take this opportunity to appeal to Kura Sushi. Please give me the right to participate in Bikkupon even if I order something other than sushi. By the way, according to the clerk, lunch of kura sushi isSales period is undecidedThat's right. Tomorrow's lunch is decided by Kura Sushi!

Report:K. Masami

Photo: Rocketnews24.

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