Kurashina Kana “Like a Brother”

Actress Kana Kurashina [31] has revealed a friendly relationship with actor Hayashi Naito [29], who is in good standing for 6 or 7 years, and released a video with a modest mischief.

Kurashina updated Instagram on the 18th. Visited the theater of Dr. Kaze, the stage where Hayashi appeared, and “I have been friends for six or seven years since I co-stard. Mr. Hayashi is like a younger brother, but he is more solid than me. I will put it in. "

Continue to upload a video, “To Miss Hayashi, prank. When turning the Hayashi name tag upside down on the "arrival board" to check the attendance of the performers, he laughs grinningly with a "bad face" and the fans say "I'm so super cute" "I like pretty mischief!" "Naughty Kana-chan is cute too".

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