Kusanagi "Parasite" PR, Nakai's questions go silent

Tsuyoshi Kusanagi [45] participates as a surprise guest in Tokyo on the stage greeting of the movie "Parasite @ Semi Underground Family" with director Pon Juno [50] and starring Song Gang Ho [53] in Tokyo did.

This work won four awards, including the Academy Award for Best Picture, Best Director, Best Screenplay, and International Feature Film Award. Kusanagi congratulates the award on his specialty Korean, "Congratulations!" "I'm an enthusiastic fan of Pon Jun-ho and Song Gang-ho. She is the most respected actor, so she's acting as she thinks she'll play. I'm happy, "she said in Korean.

He has offered many times, but has never had a chance to meet. Kusanagi smiled, "I met for the first time today. I never thought I would meet at the doorway there."

Son said, "I've heard that I liked me about 20 years ago, and I was grateful and would like to see him. Today is a memorable day." "I knew well about Kusanagi, because he has been doing a variety of activities," said Pon.

Kusanagi praised the work as being "a top-notch entertainment, there was no boring scenes. Also, a work that I would like to see immediately. There is reality. I like everything."

Former SMAP Masahiro Nakai has just announced that he will leave the Johnny's office in full March, and when he gets off the stage, the press reports, “ A word about Mr. Nakai '' However, Kusanagi left the venue silently.

At the end, Song remained on the stage. I want it to be a movie. " "I'm glad I won the award, but I want the movie itself and certain scenes in the movie to remain in my memory," said Pon.

* Kusanagi no Nagi is the old font in front of the bow hen.

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