Kushikatsu Tanaka to remember,the edge is different than the taste of

The edge is different than the taste of the stuff. Hobby of the quarterly to play for. Carelessly opened pages in IT companies do not find it. 【Following the expansion]of headlines about Kushikatsu Tanaka Holdings [Kushikatsu Tanaka]met. For all concerned. It reached the conclusion that”the edge is different—“was.

【Here】Corona ominous convergence of to prepare for the review of the strategy

“Always B-grade gourmet of the top advocates”and the like. 2015, the 11-month period from the prior 11-month period or 5 period average sales growth rate・the operating profit rate”50.2%,30.54%”. And this year also,”30.6%year on year, 8.1% operating profit growth”planning at the start. But the 2nd quarter at the entrance coronavirus scourge of the affected. Favorable new-store sales,3-month year-on-year 77. 4%and fell sharply. Maybe a leak in any”short sales””closed,”etc. results. “Takeout”means”delivery[delivery Museum, etc. subscription]”as the hands struck, the future. Stock prices 1 month 2514 yen from 4 months of 863 yen fell, the moment is 1700 yen for the entrance and return to the underlying trend.

Revenue trends but also today’s Kushikatsu Tanaka from the locus of interest to remember.

Origin, Tanaka 洋江 Vice President of her experience of the Times. Osaka’s Nishinari grew up in. Popular kushikatsu shop there were many. Father:勇吉 he took a skewer to eat well. Mr. Tanaka says.

“The father is the unique of kushikatsu recipe made. Father of making kushikatsu shop to eat comparable with perfection. Some father’s recipe to make pork cutlet skewer in the business,and I think there was a”

But,洋江 Mr. after graduating from the school Agency to the office sought. “My father’s recipe Kushikatsu Tanaka and I think is,[the current President]through[die]Keiji encounters with realized”[洋江 Mr]and the like. She is from 左党 was from. And the bar is sticking Mr. Met.

Pierce says,”one of their company stores to have”and dream of great Toyota vehicles to the job. And 10 years later, the 27-year-old at the time of retirement, but shot back open. 洋江 Mr. customer. But one day”my shop assist. Part Place drinking place”with 仕儀 to.

But Pierce, said:”cocktail making at the textbook while watching”state. Did not last long. But,”their store”is up to you. In 2001,”designer restaurant”was opened. TV take on the world was. The momentum of 03 years in the Aoyama district of Tokyo in a private room type of”Kyo-ryori, Kaiseki store”opened. 洋江 Mr. partner with deployment. It is thriving for. There is a staff shortage, such as in the warming spice of the stairs did not. The effects also exposed. After all 7000 million of debt saddled yet.

It’s not the timing 洋江 he brought, the deceased father left a collection of recipes utilizing the kushikatsu shop was. Pierce says most of its unique source was attracted to. Kushikatsu Tanaka is thus born.

Think. Through Mr.”his shop”the half was from 洋江 Mr. 左党 not”Kushikatsu Tanaka”is appeared not have been. [Article: Chiba Ming・The article list to look at]

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