Kyash to offer “ Kyash Card '' compatible with IC chip and touch payment at the beginning of 2020

◎ Kyash announced on December 19 that it will begin offering the Kisa Card Visa card “Kyash Card” with an IC chip that can use functions such as card lock and remittance in synchronization with the smartphone application in early 2020.

The Kyash Card is linked to the company's wallet application “Kyash”, and the balance stored in the Kyash can be used for payment at real stores and online shopping using the Kyash Card. The wallet supports splitting and transferring money between users, and can be charged from a bank account or credit card.

The company has provided “real cards” in addition to virtual cards. In this Kyash Card, the maximum payment amount has been raised from 50,000 yen to 30 million yen per 24 hours, and the maximum monthly amount has been raised from 120,000 yen to 1 million yen [the usage limit can be set arbitrarily]. In addition, it supports real card overseas payment. It can be switched on / off for each location. Also, like the current real card, the card can be locked on the application.

Furthermore, IC chip is installed and Visa touch payment is supported. The card number and card name are arranged on the back, and the prepaid card without the card number on the front side is the first in Japan. Color variations are available in navy, silver, and pink. It also supports payment with Google Pay [QUICPay].

Simple design with no card number or name on the card surface

The point redemption rate is 1%, and the maximum payment amount for redemption is 120,000 yen. The conditions are the same as the current real card. Furthermore, although the annual fee is free, 900 yen will be charged as an issue fee. The name of the current real card is changed to “Kyash Card Lite” when Kyash Card is issued. Although the amount to be redeemed does not change, the point redemption rate will be reduced to 0.5% since April 2020, and the card issuance fee, which was originally free, will be 300 yen.

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