Kyoka Mizukami: "Detective Yuri Rintaro" as "a woman possessed" "Somewhere hijacked…

Kyoka Mizukami, the actress, starred in the singer and actor, Koji Yoshikawa, for the 5th consecutive week's special drama "Detective Yuritaro" [Kantele Fuji Television, 9pm Tuesday] [Broadcast on June 23] Guest appearance in. The drama is a horror mystery set in Kyoto, where a calm and white-haired detective, Rintaro Yuri [Mr. Yoshikawa], and a young man who is aspiring to become a mystery writer, Shunsuke Mitsuki [Mr. Jun Shison], face a number of mysterious cases. In the second episode "The Possessed Woman," Mizukami, who plays the hostess Emma Yoshioka of the club "Maddam Silk" in Kyoto Gion, who suffers from a nightmare attacked by a "black shadow" whose identity is unknown, plays the role. He also talked about his impressions and the impression he had with Yoshikawa.

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