Kyoko Fukada watches the first basketball tournament Enjoy the venue with a bewitching talk

Actress Kyoko Fukada [37] appeared in the opening ceremony before the game, and enlivened the venue with a fascinating talk.

When he appeared on the court in a chic dark blue one-piece figure, fans at the venue received loud cheers, such as "Fukakyo!" "Hello, this is Kyoko Fukada. Today We invite you, Thank you. With everyone, I would like to support the Levanga Hokkaido. Today, thank you" and greetings. This day was a collaboration day between Levanga Hokkaido and professional baseball Nippon-Ham, and he had a high touch with the Nippon-Ham mascot Polly who was visiting.

This is my first time watching basketball. In a talk show with a player performing pre-game ups in front, he shone with the words, "Wow, everyone." By the way, he said that his basketball experience was "in elementary school, in class." At the end of the talk show, I made a high touch with the fans who came and raised my hand with a smile while waving.

The link between Fukakyon and Hokkaido is the drama "Eternal Nishpa", a 150-year commemorative drama created by NHK Sapporo Broadcasting Station, which was pre-broadcast in Hokkaido last June. The role of Aisenu's woman, Lise, who had a great influence on Matsuura Takeshiro named "Hokkaido" performed by Arashi's Jun Matsumoto [36], was a hot topic. Following a request from viewers, the uncut full version will be broadcast on February 2 at BS Premium. He said in memory of the shooting, "The fish were delicious. The Ainu people were very grateful to tell us about their works and so on."

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