Kyoko Hasegawa starring stage star “No choice beyond mountain”

Kyoko Hasegawa [41] starring “Mary Stuart” [January 27 to February 16, Tokyo, Setagaya Public Theater] was held in Tokyo on the 10th. A work featuring Mary Scotland, who was imprisoned and executed by Queen Elizabeth [Sylvia Club] of England.

Hasegawa, who has performed for the first time in eight years, “I was eager for the stage. This time I was a big actor, so I thought about what I should do, but I decided that I had no choice beyond the mountain”. In the court of a male society, Mary played a three-day exercise the other day, playing with Elizabeth over the succession of the throne. “I felt like I was growing up. I was overwhelmed and Mr. Shintaro [Director] directed the tension. It was harder than I thought, but the relationship was interesting, and the two queens were male. I think I ’m going to settle down. ”

Mr. Mori, the director, said, “Hasegawa-san has a willingness to convince Mary as a woman. It ’s a woman who reigns as a queen in a male society and needs energy, but Hasegawa-san has that energy.” Co-starred by Eisaku Yoshida, Ryosuke Miura and Takashi Fujiki.

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