Kyoko Koizumi on live radio "Let's go to the election"

Kyoko Koizumi [54] performed live on the radio-themed TBS radio "You and Radio and Music" at 8:00 pm on the 21st at 70 years old on March 29 because of new coronavirus pneumonia. About the deceased Ken Shimura, he said, "I was a shy, kind, cool person."

Looking back on the memories of co-starring TBS's "8 o'clock! All together" and Fuji TV's "Driff LOL", Koizumi said, "Thank you very much. "-LOL" seems to be semi-regular too. Once, Shimura-san brought an alarm clock when "-all gathering" and recorded the voice that wakes up in the morning once. I think I was up there."

Koizumi's personality on TBS radio is said to be the first time. Koizumi finally said, "It's already ending!? It was fun. It was fun. I was happy! I want to do it again. Let's do it again. Let's meet again. Everyone in Tokyo has an election, so let's go to the election." And so on.

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