Kyoto city,new hotels and Inns such as the selection of barrier-free mandates

The city of Kyoto Daisaku Kadokawa mayor 6 October at a press conference in the city, a newly-established hotels and Inns such as all of the rooms is barrier-free and obligation policies revealed. Failure of the guest to enhance the convenience of users, and that excessive accommodation of construction to suppress aim. As well as the regulations of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, such as in the introduction but,according to the city all facilities of all rooms to search in the country for the first time. 2021 year of the implementation aims.

【Here】Kyoto・Shin-Puh-Kan shopping center on the former site of Asia’s first foray into the”ACE Hotel”New Composite facility opened

Barrier-free mandates, the contents of all of the rooms to the subject[1] wheelchair turnaround can be space to install, [2] wheelchair in the toilet and the bathroom can enter and leave the width to ensure–such as.

Kyoto in the last few years,foreigners mainly tourists increased, a hotel and a flophouse is surging. Local residents and the trouble is also increasing, for the construction planning of the initiative at the stage of area residents and prior consultation may oblige the company.

Municipal aggregation, according to the hotel law accommodation[hotel, Ryokan,quick quarters]in fiscal 2014, with 1,002 facility・2 million 9,189-room was, for 18 fiscal 3,614 facilities・4 million 6,147 rooms to have the chance to. 4 years in the number of facilities is more than 3 times,total number of rooms is 6 divided near the rapid increase in the number.

From simple quarters in fiscal 2014, of 460 facilities・2,929 Chambers 18 year 2,990 facilities・1 million 2,539 chamber to the expansion. The last 19 years 11 as of the end of Statistics the overall number of facilities is 3,911 and the increasing trend continues.

Tokyo floor area 1,000 square meters of new construction of facilities,all rooms are barrier-free support and seek amendment Bylaw enforcement for. “At the same time the hotel is barrier-free and Support Grants”Committee,3 March 31st deadline is currently recruiting.

The auxiliary Contents [1] consulting for 3 minutes Within 2・34 million yen,[2] facilities 5 minutes of 4・3,000 million yen,[3] room service 10 minutes of 9・4,800 million yen,[4] beauty products purchase 5 minutes of 4・320 million yen. The Imperial Hotel,New Otani Hotel Tokyo,Shinjuku Washington hotel, such as many hotels use. [Article: the clear・The article list to look at]

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