Kyushu Univ., a low temperature operating solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte materials development, and low-cost expectations

Direct electric can generate fuel cells,next generation power generation system as expected. Japan Science and Technology Agency [JST]is 28 days,400 degrees in the temperature operating solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte materials developed and announced. Solid oxide type fuel cell cost reduction of the expected to realize that.

【Here】Low temperature operation solid oxide fuel cell electrolyte membrane to develop TUS such as

■Next-generation power generation system is expected as a fuel cell

Water and oxygen and the chemical reaction can generate electricity with fuel cells only. Conventional power generation methods, a lot of oil and uranium, such as burns can occur in the steam generator to operate and electricity are generated. On the other hand fuel cell, the fuel from the direct electrical energy to make, high efficiency power generation possible. Gas emissions are environmental pollutants, but most do not include the building or area to be installed.

The fuel cell is the electrolyte and the operating temperature, solid oxide type fuel cell and solid polymer type fuel cell, etc., classified. Solid oxide fuel cell is the power generation efficiency is high, 700 ~ 1,000 degrees, and the operating temperature is high. Because of this expensive platinum or heat-resistant material is required,material cost and operating cost are practical barriers had become.

■The operating temperature of lower cost is realized

Kyushu University,Miyazaki University and other researchers that consists of a group focused,proton conductivity of the electrolyte only. So far, Proton only selectively through the hydrogen and oxygen, carbon dioxide, water vapor for stable material that is discovered this did.

Research group zircon acid barium to indium of 60% and at high concentrations by adding a new Proton conductive electrolyte material was developed. Thus, the 400 degrees in temperature proton conductivity is 200 times higher than a certain level be maintained and demonstrated. 98%of the high concentration of carbon dioxide in the charging state, the 240 hours or more steady state is maintained for. This platinum or heat-resistant material is not required,significant cost reduction becomes possible.

Details of the study, the International Energy Science journal Advanced Energy Materials in 28 days have been published. [Article: Kadono 未智・The article list to look at]

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