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The 1966 hit In The Days of King Otto may not be known outside of Greece. But it was a huge success for singer and rally driver Stamatis Kokotas. In the early 1970's, Aristotle Onassis, a friend and fan of Cocotas, received a gift celebrating its success. It was Lamborghini Miura of brown metallic.

Cocotas was a big car lover and a singer, but also a rally driver. He particularly liked fast cars, and in the 1970s he bought cars and built collections with all the money he earned as a singer. Onasis gave him the 1969 Miura P400S.

The Miura was equipped with an air conditioner and a power window, and a handle was also found on the passenger side for gripping. What's more, the steering wheel is a special Miura with bespoke decoration.

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One such car was discovered in 2004 while parked underground at Hilton Athens for 42 years. Why Cocotas left it there remains a mystery, but it was listed at a UK auction in December 2012. It is covered with dust, the exterior is not in good condition, but the mileage is 52,000 miles [about 83,600 km], the engine is also a matching number, the collector who has not been restored is an attractive one for collectors Must have been. It is also beautiful that the interior of tan leather is combined with this brown metallic color body.

However, it was far from the estimated winning bid of £ 320,000- £ 370,000 and was sold for £ 260,000. Nowadays, it will be beautifully restored and running somewhere in the world. Why Cocotas left Miura for 42 years remains a mystery.

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