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Lancome announces "new lotion"! Amanda and Erika Toda also praised

LANCOME, a global cosmetics brand, will launch a new lotion, Clarific Dual Essence Lotion, on February 14. To commemorate this, a launch event for the launch of new Lancome products and global ambassadors was held in Tokyo.

At the recital, actress Erika Toda, an actress acting as an ambassador for the brand, and actress and singer Amanda Seyfried, featuring musical films such as Les Miserables, appeared. He talked about the secrets of beauty and his passion for the brand.

  • Lancome announces "new lotion"! Amanda and Erika Toda also praised

What Lancome products do they love?

Mr. Toda who has been the first Lancome Muse in Japan since February 2018. "I'm in my thirties, and I feel the joy of growing older every day. I want to do my best so that many women can sympathize with that joy and happiness." I greeted.

  • Erika Toda

Amanda, who has been to Japan more than five times in the past, said she loves the newly appointed global ambassador, saying, “ I want to be like a model as a mother with children, so I can make such remarks. I'm really happy to have the opportunity to work with the beautiful Lancome Mews to love and respect themselves and to deepen their understanding of themselves, especially for young women. I want to make a statement. "

  • Amanda Seyfried

Regarding the brand's favorite items, Toda says, "I'm 'Genific'. It's a standard to apply to skin before applying lotion. Now I'm worried without 'Genific' I trust you. "

On the other hand, Amanda commented, "First of all, it's a lip. It has a sense of security that won't fall off and I think it's a wonderful product that reminds you of the beautiful and fresh feeling from the moment you put it on."

The secret to maintaining beauty is nature

These two people have always used Lancome products. When asked about the secrets of maintaining beauty, "I think it's the most important time for me to shine in myself. Yeah, "said Toda.

  • Toda is Lancome's first Japanese "muse"

Amanda also said, "I think it is very important to go to a place with lots of nature and to feel the peace of mind. I live and build a house on a farm now. I feel it was the most correct decision I've ever made. "

  • Amanda to be unveiled for the first time since she joined Lancome Global Ambassador

At the recital, the two experienced a new lotion called Clarific Dual Essence Lotion, which blends beech bud extract, which is said to be a tree that keeps youth, and creates beautiful transparent skin by approaching enzymes. .

Amanda said, "I am 34 years old, but I am surprised at the use of this one product that keeps me moisturized and makes me feel shining. I am already hooked." And said his impression.

  • “ Clarific Dual Essence Lotion / 150ml 11,000 yen (excluding tax) Sales start on February 14

  • (Left) Erika Toda, (Middle) Seiya Tsuzuki, General Manager of Lancome Business Division, (Right) Amanda Seyfried

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