Laughter Queen final match "THE W" held 1st round video screening

It was discovered on the 1st that Nippon Television will hold "Female entertainer No. 1 deciding match THE W 2020" to decide the most interesting "queen of laughter" among female entertainers.

The past three tournaments are the same match in which the Yuryan Retriba [29], the Asagaya sisters, and the heroine at 3 o'clock became the queen.

Due to the influence of the new coronavirus, the first round of this tournament, which will be held for the fourth time, will be a video screening. Entry started at 6 am on the 2nd, and the eligibility for entry is "female". Regardless of whether you are a professional, amateur, or affiliated office, there is no limit on your performance history, number of people, or age. You can't have 2 entries with different characters for each pin, but you can have 2 entries with "combi and pin" or "group and combi".

Seiji Miyamoto, the producer of the same program, said, “Most of the events have been canceled, there is no place to show the material, and I think the entertainer is having a tough time. I hope to brighten the world with."

Continuing on, “I would like to invite not only professional entertainers but also amateurs to widely participate and make my dreams come true. I would like the viewers to win the last year's “3 o'clock heroine” as well. We look forward to the birth of a new star!"

The second round will be held in Osaka on September 14th and 15th, and in Tokyo from 25th to 27th September.

The semi-finals will be held on October 23 and 24 at Shinjuku LUMINE, the Yoshimoto in Tokyo, and the finals will be broadcast live on the same station in December.

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