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Launch of "Hikari TV for docomo", a function to simultaneously watch up to 7 programs on Docomo 5G smartphone-Engadget Japan version

On June 1, NTT Docomo began offering a "multi-streaming function" for 5G smartphones that allows simultaneous viewing of up to 7 channels on its Hikari TV for docomo TV viewing service for optical lines.

The multi-streaming function can be used by installing the dedicated application "DOCOMO TV terminal application" for Hikari TV for docomo on DOCOMO's 5G smartphone. You can watch up to 7 programs simultaneously from all 18 channels provided by Hikari TV for docomo. However, it does not support simultaneous viewing such as digital terrestrial broadcasting.

The main channel you are watching is displayed in a large size, and the remaining 6 channels are displayed as a list. It also supports dual-screen terminals. To watch using the multi-streaming function, you need to subscribe to Hikari TV for docomo using DoCoMo TV terminal.


Multi-streaming viewing of video is often taken up as an example of utilizing 5G lines. If you use it on the go, you may be able to utilize the 5G line… But in reality, the 5G area is not wide enough to take advantage of multi-streaming on the go. It is an impression that it is appealing. The reason why it is limited to 5G smartphones may be that they are concerned about high communication charges.

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source: NTT Docomo


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