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Launch of the new Microsoft Edge browser. Chromium-based compatibility compatibility-Engadget Japan


As previously announced, Microsoft has generally released a new version of Microsoft Edge, a genuine web browser. Available for download from Microsoft for Windows 10 and macOS.

The new Edge browser, like Google's Chrome browser, is the first version based on open source Chromium.

Microsoft once named the Edge browser, which runs on its own EdgeHTML engine, as one of the highlights of Windows 10, selling its compatibility with Windows 10, following the latest standards, and saving power.

However, Chromium-based (Blink engine) browsers such as Chrome have a large share, and it is more important for websites and web apps to work with Chrome than to adhere to web standards and make it work with any browser As the situation continues, Microsoft has been testing the new Chromium-based Edge because it is better to focus resources on users for features that maintain proprietary engines and compatibility.


The new Edge sells compatibility and speed, easy-to-understand privacy and security management, extended features support, Bing integration, multi-platform synchronization with Microsoft accounts, and more.

A unique feature is a "collection" that allows you to cut out, collect, edit and share content from multiple web pages, but is not included in the version released to the general public. According to the product page, it will be available soon.


TechCrunch Tokyo 2019 will be held on November 14 and 15


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