Launched a service for condominiums for the home delivery trunk room service “sharekura”

Data Science Professionals announced on December 6th that their home delivery type trunk room servicesharekuraAnnounced that it will be introduced as a resident-only service for Nomura Real Estate's newly built condominiums.



Sharekura has been available from January 31 as a home delivery type trunk room service with a monthly storage fee of 100 yen per box. Since you can manage your luggage with a smartphone or PC, you can use it like a closet outside your home. Luggage can be delivered to other than homes, so it is widely used by people living in multiple locations.

This time, Nomura Real Estate will start selling, and sharekura will be used as a tenant-only service for the newly built condominium “Proud Nippori Terrace” [63 units in total] scheduled to move in March 2021. It will be introduced in a system that allows delivery of luggage using a trunk room installed in each dwelling unit in advance, instead of a delivery box shared by condominiums.

Residents apply from the resident-only site and pack their items in the dedicated box. Hand out a special box on the day of pick-up, or collect a special box stored in the trunk room installed in each house. The deposited items can be managed with a smartphone or PC, and if you apply for the item you want to take out with a smartphone or PC, it arrives at your home or trunk room.

This reduces the burden on the resident, such as having to stay at home according to the delivery time, and provides a delivery flow that takes advantage of the condominium's scale benefits. In addition, the lack of truck drivers in the logistics industry and the problem of re-delivery due to the absence of residents are said to have helped this introduction.

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