Lawson, after delivery trucks utilize the waste food collected in Experiment 1 from the day in Tokyo at the store

Lawson goods delivery and truck use,to be discarded food to recover the experiment started. Food recycling improvement,use the truck to reduce the driver shortage measures and carbon dioxide emissions that contribute to the aim, and 1 day more in Tokyo for 3 stores in fiscal 2020 in the Kanto region of 400 stores and plans to expand to.

【Here】A 24-hour review of progress in convenience,food loss to reduce even started to look! (2-1)

Experiment to participate in store,Marunouchi, Chiyoda-ku, Tokyo Marunouchi Park building stores, Chuo-ku, Harumi Harumi Triton Square store, Koto-ku 南砂 Of 南砂 nichome store. In the experiment, store the goods to the delivery the track is discarded food in Ichikawa City, Chiba Prefecture Mitsubishi of the food distribution center brought home, the collection and transportation company is a recycling plant to waste food, transport, and livestock feed processing. Feed the Japanese agricultural industry through the livestock farmers to be provided.

Lawson, a collection and transportation company stores turning waste food collected to the recycling plant delivery had. Product after delivery trucks return flights and the use of collection and transportation company truck for each store to one more for the track, number of vehicles can reduce the driver shortage can respond to, and carbon dioxide emissions can also be expected.

Yet you can eat of the disposal of the so-called”food loss”is the United Nations Food and Agriculture Organization estimates that worldwide about 1.3 billion tons in Japan, the Ministry of the environment estimated 643 million tons a year to occur.

Lawson stores in the year to about 4. 4 million tons of food loss occurs, the company in 2006 from the collection and transportation company stores turning to food loss to recover, pig and Chicken of the processing making. In 2018 2 March nationwide in about 2,800 stores is a part of this initiative as.

Central Food control measures, the Poplar, the shelf life or expiration date is near or part of the goods half price markdowns as a smartphone app touted in some online also this fall, from the date of expiration is imminent for the purchase of goods point reduction revealed a plan to. (Article: Takada, Yasushi・The article list to look at)

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