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Lawson limited timeKaraage Kun, rich carbonara flavorI tried to eat

Perfect for snacks! "Karaagekun rich carbonara flavor"

Lawson's karaagekun is increasing by 1 for a limited time until May 6!

That's why I tried "Karaagekun rich carbonara flavor" which is a limited time flavor that is on sale now.

Check the quantity immediately! Includes 6 pieces with an increase of 1 piece. It's a great deal, isn't it?

It looks the same as usual. The mash of pepper is visible and hidden.

When you cut it in half, you can see the crushed pepper inside.

When you try it, it smells like fluffy bacon and has a strong saltiness. The scent of pepper is also good, so I felt it was perfect for a snack.

It's a fried chicken, so it's likely to be suitable for beer and highball, as well as carbonara flavored wine and fashionable drinks.

Increase the amount of 1 karaagekun until May 6! ♪ Please try your favorite karaage kun during a good deal ♪

Store: Lawson
Menu: Karaage Kun, rich carbonara flavor
Price: 216 yen (tax included)
Official site:Karaagekun Rich Carbonara Flavor | Lawson Official Website

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