Lawson releases sweets like children's selfish! The newly released “ Mount Purinbasti '' is delicious but overwhelmingly difficult to eat

Mom, I want to eat pudding on Baschi. A sweet that embodies such a child's selfishness has been released by Lawson.

New sweets debuting today"Mount Purinbasti"Is a transcendent wagamama specification in which a whole pudding is topped on a Basque cheesecake. We will review the whole picture of gorgeous sweets that appeared in commemoration of the first anniversary of Baschi!

・ 1st anniversary sweets

One of the first products that hit the market in the convenience store industry is Lawson's."Bastie"It is. It has an attractive, dense texture and the taste of elegant cheese, and has sold an impressive 41 million units a year since its debut.

This time, it was released in commemoration of the first anniversary of such Baschi"Mount Purinbasti". It is a gorgeous sweet with pudding on top of Baschi, and the standard price of Lawson is 380 yen including tax. Sales have started today [March 24, 2020].

If anything, only Bastie had the image of sweets for adults, but this unusual collaboration is a little surprising. To check the taste, I immediately got the product at the nearest Lawson.

・ That's why …

I wondered if it would break down if I wobble, so this time I decided to eat at the eat-in space inside the store. First, take the lid and look inside …

Oh, surely pudding will be Baschi"mount"I'm doing!っ て Wear a white dress [whipped cream]! Is it Hois Gracie !!

Not only Baschi and Pudding, but also whip. To be honest, this isn't bad, but at this point I noticed something.Isn't it a sweet that is overwhelmingly hard to eat?To the fact that …

How do I remove Baschi's wrapper in the first place?ホ イ The whip is interfering with the paper. Should we eat the upper whip and pudding first and then peel it off?

But that doesn't mean "Mount Purinbasti". It's just "pudding" + "baschi". So, while dirtying my hands [crying], I peeled off the wrapper with Perot. Let's eat!

First of all, it is a pudding, but a type with strong elasticity, not a toro type. The cream is involved in this, so you should imagine the taste of pudding or pudding a la mode. On the other hand, Baschi is an unmistakable “Usual Basti”. Of course, both are delicious …

As I was concerned, it is overwhelmingly hard to eat. Because the hardness of pudding and bastie are completely different, it is difficult to spoon the bastie while maintaining the shape of the pudding. Difficult or almost impossible.

Therefore, they are inevitably eaten alternately. While the mouth is filled with happiness, a feeling of uncertainty recruits in the heart, "Is there any meaning in riding?"

Eat pudding and baschi at the same timeharmonyI wanted to enjoy it, but when I tried it, it definitely collapsed. Well, I guess they were sweets like children's selfish ideas … No, I don't know.

It was late afternoon on a weekday when I could hear Maman's subtle saying, "That's right."

Reference link: Lawson "Mount Purinbasti"
Report:Great Muromachi

Photo: RocketNews24.

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