Lawson's "2 chocolate steamed cakes with protein (140 yen)" is usually too nutritious for nutrients

Since it is a sweet tooth from the ground up, I really want to eat sweets. And I will continue to be worried with Eun Eun in front of the convenience store's sweets corner, but I found a product at Lawson that can solve various problems at once! "Contains 2 chocolate steamed cakes with protein".

I think that this kind of product is a “nutrition ingredient & price & whether it is delicious?”, But in every aspect this wins! It was a very satisfying product for me, so I want to share information lightly.

First of all, nutritional components.7.5 g of carbohydrates and 5.0 g of protein per cakeAnd high specs more than it looks. Eat two and get 10g of protein! By the way, calories are 113kcal, but if you eat some sweets, it will go that much.

Next is the taste, but this is surprisingly normal. “Moist steamed breadIf you eat it softly, the taste of bitter chocolate spreads in your mouth and it's very delicious! If you combine it with something, “milk” will be your choice.

Finally the price.The price is 130 yen [140 yen including tax] while two steamed cakes are included.. Cheap Yan!価 格 The price is the same as cream puffs and roll cakes !! But it's delicious and nutrients are perfect.

Let's eat tomorrow. With milk. Let's be patient and eat this. This is the sweetness of Shishashi.

Reference links:Lawson "2 pieces of chocolate steamed cake with protein"

Report:GO Hatori

Photo: RocketNews24

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