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Recently, Lawson has been tempting cheesecake lovers. According to the author's research that is always done, "Bastie" that appeared like a comet last year is no longer a signboard product, and on May 12, such Bastie evolved into "Ice Bar Bastie". .. There is also a new-type cheese cake, "Chi 2 Shoo", which is combined with Shoo.

That's right. On May 26th, cheesecake was added to the popular Kapke series. Its name is "CUPKE Cheese! Cheese! Cheesecake" 295 yen (tax included). You'll feel better if you fatten it anymore!

First I want to applaud this shape

Kapke that appeared in October 2019. As the name implies, it's a "cake" series in a "cup", but it's really nice to think of.

This time, I went home by hanging the purchased product on a stroller and rattling a steep road (where I lived), but the decoration of the beautiful top was kept as it was. Moreover, since it can be eaten with a spoon, it can be used in various eating situations. Yes, even at work. If it's a cup

According to the official information, "Enjoy 3 layers of cheese cream"

The white squeezer reminiscent of soft serve cream first shoots out the fat heart.

It looks like fresh cream, but this is the top layer, "Meringue cheese cream". When you put the spoon in, you will hear an airy sound that sounds like a rush. Just into the mouth.

…what? Now. Illusion?

I didn't know so much so


This cream melts so well that it erases the feeling of eating it in seconds. A layer that has a soft, light texture and a fresh start dash. Only for layers.

A hard layer suddenly hit

As you continue to eat the airy layer as you desire, the spoon will stop at a certain point.

What's this. Hard If it is a fossil excavation site, it will be a scene where everyone drinks and watches. It's finally out! ”A rich cheese cream layer”!

It is characterized by a moist texture like eating cream cheese as it is. It may be easy to understand if you say a lot of rare. For a moment, I was overwhelmed by the stupid idea that "all this layer is good", but it seems to me to be quite stomach hungry.

Suddenly there is a question

It was "three layers of cheese cream", but when I tasted the two layers, I caught up with the bottom sponge.

Hi sponge's.

I'm glad to see you, but I feel like I've forgotten something very important.

I checked it in the cross section

Actually I overlooked it. The "fresh cheese mousse" layer in the middle.

It's even harder to see in the photo because it has a similar color from top to bottom, but the slightly yellowish cheese mousse layer was hidden under the airy meringue layer.

The middle class that you definitely overlook when you eat vigorously and vigorously. sorry! I'm doing a really good job!

Enjoy with a big spoon

Forget about it, but the smoothness and refreshing lemon flavor of this cheese mousse layer is an important binder that brings the whole thing together. I knew you could taste it layer by layer. This is a cake that is completed by eating all layers at the same time.

Of course, each layer alone is delicious, but you can enjoy a more complex taste by eating together. Because the timing of melting in each layer is different, you can enjoy a slightly different flavor of cheese without getting tired until the end.

The crumbs were crispy, and I had the impression that I had eaten my teeth after a long time.

It contains only a small amount, but it is a nice accent.

When I finished eating, I was as satisfied as when I ate a cut cake. That should be it, calories are a threat 399 kcal.

Please note that it is the highest value of Kapke currently on sale.

I want to eat sweets at work, but it's pretty courageous to eat cake at work. If you take the cut cake out of the box and peel off the film, you could end up with a nickname called Cake Babaa. That's when Kapke comes. You can accept it without resistance. No, it's a convenient time.

Store: Lawson
Menu: CUPKE cheese! cheese! Cheesecake
Price: 295 yen (tax included)
Official site:CUPKE cheese! cheese! Cheesecake
(Sentence / Photograph ☆ 3suke ☆)

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