Lawson's "Choco Pudding" sandwiches that are too different!

I often see sweets sandwiches sandwiching fruit and cream lately. Meanwhile,LawsonThe new sweets sandwich "Choco Pudding Sand" has appeared. As its name suggests, it's amazing how a chocolate-flavored pudding is sandwiched. I have to give this a try! ‥

Pudding that has been intensely asserted even before the package is opened

The shocking new product "Choco Pudding Sand" released by Lawson. I bought it immediately and it's shooting time. The chocolate-colored sandwiches displayed mixed with the sandwiches at the shop had a great impact…! ‥

Chocolate pudding is also on the package. What does it taste like? ――Is the pudding inside firm or hard, or does it have a smooth texture? I will open it and check it! ‥

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