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Lawson's cupcakeCUPKEA real food review!

Lawson "CUPKE" Review

"CUPKE" looks cute in Lawson's sweets corner. I've been worried for a long time, but this is my first time eating.

I received "Double Mont Blanc (Japanese chestnut & Western chestnut)"!

* A new product "Nakatashi Mont Blanc" was released this week, so maybe "Double Mont Blanc (Waguri & Yoguri)" is no longer sold.

Immediately from the marron cream pelori.

It's so smooth! Chestnut-ish is a modest, creamy and gentle flavor.

There is also a chocolate crunch on the bottom, and this is a crisp texture!

Chestnut cream in the middle has a strong chestnut feeling and a solid taste. You can enjoy a variety of chestnut flavors when you eat them all from top to bottom.

The nice point is that even small children can eat without getting dirty, because they can be eaten as they are in the cup.

In addition to Mont Blanc, there are various "CUPKE" such as "Millefeuille", "Tiramisu" and "Strawberry Short", so please take a look at Lawson's sweets corner.

Store: Lawson
Product Name: CUPKE @ Double Mont Blanc (Japanese chestnut & Western chestnut)
Price: 315 yen (tax included)

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