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Lawson"4 kinds of green vegetables and edamame rice balls" is now on sale! The rice ball had a very unusual color, so I was interested and bought it! ――

Really green rice ball

This product has a color that stands out in the rice ball shop. Green rice balls are rare, what's in it…! ‥
Looking at the package, it seems that it contains "domestic kale powder," which makes the rice green. ‥
Speaking of kale, it is a nutritious green-yellow vegetable used as a material for green juice. When eaten raw, it's a bit bitter and hard to eat. However, if it is in powder form, you can eat it without problems! ‥

The presence of edamame is amazing.

When I opened it, there was plenty of shiny edamame on the outside and the color was vivid! Includes plenty of sesame and greens.
And the scent of fresh green vegetables, which is rare for rice balls, flutters. As you can see in the product name, it's understandable to use 4 kinds of green vegetables! ‥

Let's have a bite! Puck. Oh~ Edamame is delicious with the taste of green vegetables! I was worried because it was too green, but it was salty and delicious.
LawsonAccording to their website, they use white soup-based rice. This is an unstoppable taste! ‥

Green soybeans are also inside! ――

I thought that edamame was the outer topping, but I also had plenty inside! Since it is unusual for rice balls containing edamame, the texture is fresh and fresh.
The green and green vegetables of kale are well-sprinkled inside, and it feels like a nourishing mixed rice.

Vegetables mainconvenience storeThere aren't many rice balls, but it's great that you can eat it easily, get nutrition, and be delicious! ‥

Recommended for healthy women! ‥

This rice ball is green to the eye and has plenty of nutrition using kale and green vegetables. Highly recommended for health-conscious women. It's delicious and I'm really happy with 182 calories.
This product seems to be good for women who want to diet for the summer, but on the other hand, men who eat a lot may feel unsatisfactory.

You can easily eat rice balls, which is useful when you are busy with work. I always tend to choose the standard Mentaiko and Tuna Mayo, so I wanted to make this product a new candidate♪

This rice ball tastes like real mixed rice and is delicious, but it's a little easier to crumble than regular rice balls. Because the seaweed is not sprinkled on it, the greens and edamame that have been thoroughly kneaded are not guarded. (Lol)
We recommend that you grab it once before eating and then eat. Or when I renewed, I felt that I would like to sprinkle with large leaves because it gives a more vegetable feeling! ‥

LawsonIt was a real food review of "4 kinds of green vegetables and edamame rice ball" newly released from. This product with high female power is definitely recommended for those who are healthy! ‥

Menu: 4 kinds of green vegetables and edamame rice balls
Price: 125 yen (tax included)
Official site:4 kinds of green vegetables and edamame rice balls

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