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Curry bread is a popular person that is always available at any bakery.
convenience storeHowever, it is a standard product that is regularly renewed.
Lawson"Hogushi Beef's Grilled Curry Bread", which is on sale from, is a curry bread that is sure to repeat and has a nice balance of taste and healthyness.

The right size that makes you fried healthy

One of the characteristics of "Grilled beef curry bread" is "not fried". Many people might imagine a fried bread type when it comes to curry bread, but this is a type that is baked without being fried.

One 198 calorie and “Spice-flavored beef curry bread” sold by the same Lawson are very healthy compared to 426 calorie.
It is also a size that can fill your stomach a little and it will prevent you from overeating. It's perfect for working overtime or studying.

Curry with plenty of thin and chewy dough

I will open and cut it. The dough that wraps the curry has a moist and chewy texture.
And although the curry is tightly packed, the dough is thin! ‥

Bread that wraps ingredients inside like curry bread often breaks when the dough is too thin, and it requires considerable experience and skill if it is handmade.
Curry bread, which combines the thinness of the dough and the volume of the contents, is actually quite valuable.This is a repeat decision, combined with the convenience and healthiness that you can easily buy at a convenience store.

The flavor of spice is effective, but it is okay for people who are not good at spiciness

The curry inside has a low water content, and it's a nice specification that the contents do not pop out. European spicy curry goes well with cheese and parsley.
Because it is not fried, there is no need to worry about stomach upset. Milk drinks such as milk and lassi are the best match.
Of course, it's delicious if you eat it after warming it up a little, and you can enjoy the richness of curry even at room temperature.

Although it has a strong taste, it is not spicy, so even people who are not good at spicy foods can eat it.
It was delicious enough, but for me, I want to try more spicy curry bread on this route.
What line will Lawson's next new curry bread come from? Expectations will increase…! ‥

This time, we introduced "Grilled beef curry bread" from Lawson.
For people who are worried about calories, this baked curry bread is just right for the volume and rich taste.
Please enjoy the happiness of "Curry up to the edge".

Store: Lawson
Menu: Grilled beef curry bread
Price: 150 yen (tax included)
Calories: 198kcal
Official site:Matino Bread Roasted Beef Curry Bread

(Text/Photo Takahashi)
(Edit: Karko)

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