LDH celebration extension once every 6 years. Cancellation is postponed until the end of April.

Due to the spread of the new coronavirus, LDH JAPAN, to which EXILE and others belong, will stop and postpone all the live performances scheduled for the end of April due to the spread of the new coronavirus, and the festival “ LDH PERFECT YEAR2020 '' will be held once every six years. To be extended until March next year on the official website.

From 26th of last month, the live performances of the artists belonging to the company have been canceled or postponed, but all 72 performances including the dome performance of the third generation J SOUL BROTHERS and GENERATIONS scheduled to be held until the end of April, “ LDH New Coronavirus After setting up an “Infectious Disease Control Experts Team,” the company has decided to suspend or postpone the disease. The team will consist of six experts, including Hiroyuki Kobayashi, director of the Tokyo Medical Association and professor of Juntendo Clinic, and will continue to take measures.

In addition, it has been decided that the “LDH PERFECT YEAR2020”, which was being held this year, will be extended until March next year. With the extension of the period, a new “RISINGSUN-TOTHEWORLD-[January-March]” theme will be held as the final season.

EXILE @ HIRO [50], the company's Chief Creative Officer, stated, "We are very sorry and sorry for the inconvenience to our fans, but we give top priority to the safety of all visitors. To be honest, I don't know the future and I'm worried, but I want to overcome this difficult situation with my fans with the spirit of LDH and the spirit of the LDH that I have cultivated up to now. "

For the future, “ The future is uncertain, but we are always ready to resume, but even if it is postponed, we will continue to run through all our efforts until the end of March next year under the PERFECT YEAR philosophy. It's a difficult situation right now, but I want to imagine the future and reconnect with my fans with the best smiles. "

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