Lead City Toyota is making! “Toyota Woven City”project announced

Toyota,Las Vegas, Nevada, U. S. A. in 1 month 7 days-10 days being done to the world’s largest technology trade fair”CES2020″in every service, and that the city”connected city”project announced.

【Here】Toyota, Fuji Susono in the demonstration city construction start CES2020 in the President himself announces overview

This city is called”Woven City”[Your City], a name taken from construction is scheduled to start in 2021 at the beginning of the appointment. Urban design, the New York New the 2 World Trade Center, such as the name of the famous building’s video featuring in・Game group[BIG]is the CEO,service Manager Care・design gel he is in charge.

■Woven City concept is like a mesh of a net woven city

Woven City is following 3 of the city on the road to classify.

1. Autono-MaaS dedicated EV”e-Palette”, such as the speed of fully automatic operation, zero emission vehicles, dedicated road

2. Pedestrian and slow speed personal mobility coexist promenade [promenade]in such a way

3. The pedestrian-only portrait of a Park-like way

These 3 types of road network superimposed on this,a 3×3 city blocks of the formation. Furthermore, each block in each Park and the courtyard is formed. This way can,in a quiet residential area, making the demonstration of the acceleration for human beings,such as robots and various users from a wide range of intersection cannot produce that.

Or”e-Palette”is the transportation of people,mode of delivery and go for the store and also used.

■The city’s buildings are carbon neutral wood of the mainstream

City Building is”carbon”cycle in recently you may be hearing a lot about the wood, using the techniques of traditional Japanese art and robots combined with the new production method is adopted. Even the roof are solar panels that spread, always-on solar energy to collect solar power to do.

■The city’s infrastructure is all underground that consists of

Woven City in the underground are also valid, and it will be used only. Hydrogen fuel power generation,rainwater filtration systems, and even the courier as the mono auto-delivery network in the basement, made ground present in the building that one as a network and the like.
Infrastructure underground, it is possible to constitute the land, such as the effective use of how.

■Artificial intelligence[AI] is the fridge automatically refill it!?

Approximately 2000 people will live of the Woven City is a sensor-based artificial intelligence [AI] technology is much to life to help.

Each of the home refrigerator is the AI is automatically replenished,trash management, and even health checks will do. Health check do, it automatically transfer to the hospital, and the optimal drug to prescribe to such as Dream talk, but it might have realized.

■The city is where you want to live person do you from

Well, my location is currently Toyota Motor East Japan’s 東富士 plant in Shizuoka Prefecture Susono become. 東富士 factory at the end of 2020 closure for the former site use direction.

The early inhabitants of Toyota employees and family members and project stakeholders and the General public are also able to live if such data even collected for and to do. Toyoda Y. The President is 2~3 months and favorite period to live in to assume it.

Participation in this project who wish to use on the website made from it, and apply so that you can see. Your company representative will check the Earth.

Various Mono is the future of infrastructure to build. Woven City in the future visiting the future part of the actual living in a place where it is possible to experience no doubt. [Article: Keeper・The article list to look at]

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